Sep 28, 2015

Get to Know The SHIYR Poets, Episode 4

We’re close to releasing our second album Songs for the Journey Volume Two.

In this episode we chat about the different musicians making an appearance on this album, how it was recorded, the first album we ever purchased, and which tracks are our favourites.

We have included an acoustic version of Without You (Dead Sea Scrolls Cave 1), the first track from our new album—pre-orders are available now!

Sep 22, 2015

Get to Know The SHIYR Poets, Episode 3

Getting to Draft Zero

This is such a special episode because we talk about what it’s like to write as a group. A lot of people think song writing happens when inspiration strikes. The truth is, inspiration strikes when you make an appointment to song write.

We have included a special sneak peek at Psalm 20—you’re the first to hear it!

Also included in this episode:

  • Five different English translations of the Bible
  • Song writing via video chat
  • Defining JT

Listen Now!

Sep 19, 2015

Come to our album release concert October 4 in Abbotsford!

Come to our album release concert!

On Sunday, October 4 we’re celebrating the official release of our second album Songs for the Journey, Volume 2. Come join us for a great night of music, entertainment, and fun.

We’d love to see you there!

Our friend comedian Cliff Prang is opening the show at 7 p.m. and we’ll have lots of CDs and T-shirts available!

Purchase tickets online for only $15. They’ll be $20 at the door. Visit our events page for more info.

Sep 15, 2015

Get to Know The SHIYR Poets, Episode 2

The Journey

In this episode we unpack the structure of the Psalms and take you through orientation, disorientation, and reorientation and why it’s so different than any other song-writing project out there.

We have THREE acoustic tracks for you in this episode so make sure to listen to the end.

Sep 08, 2015

Get to Know The SHIYR Poets, Episode 1

Beginning the Journey

Earlier this summer we paused from recording our second album, Songs for the Journey Volume Two, and recorded some conversations to help you get to know us better.

This episode answers the questions:

  • Where did our band name come from?
  • How did the band get together?
  • Why the Psalms?

Listen to the end and enjoy a special unplugged version of Psalm 3!

Aug 31, 2015

Volume Two Album Art Sneak Peek!

Volume Two Album Art Sneak Peek!

Here's a sneak peek at our Songs For The Journey Volume Two album cover! (Photo taken by 35mm Photography while we were on tour in Dresden, Germany).

We're now at the manufacturing stage and can't wait to share these songs with you!

Jul 10, 2015

Groot Nieuws Radio

Groot Nieuws Radio

Thanks to Hans van Vuuren for sending us this shot of our live performance on Groot Nieuws Radio before our show in Ede.

Jul 10, 2015

Thanks Europe!

Thanks Europe!

We had an incredible time with the beautiful people of Europe. Thanks for the gorgeous weather, the warm welcome, and all the amazing hospitality!

Jun 04, 2015

On This Troubled Day Music Video Release

Right now we’re touring in Europe and working hard on our second album Songs for the Journey, Volume 2. We can’t wait to share it with you!

But for now we wanted you to know we’re grateful for your support and tell you about our new music video—On This Troubled Day (Psalm 10).

This is the second single from our first album Songs for the Journey, Volume 1. We hope you enjoy it. If you love it please share it with your favourite social network!


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